Madeline Wray

A snap shot into my Career

What I Do

As an artist I both am apart of and curate performing art pieces. With fellow artist my work is designed to have human interaction. To inspire, impact, question and drive the arts community. I embody dance to tell stories and present ideas in a new light to all walks of life.


Who I Am

A passionate dancer who has been involved with this artform for over a decade. An artist that is constantly growing with and from others as well as defining pathways for myself and others. Dance lives within and through me and allows me to explore ideas outside of the box. I use my musicality to explore movement and expression which is demonstrated in my dance creations.


View Projects

A blend of cometmporary works from around the world as I worked to explore unique venues and seek others input. These projects were undertaken in New York, London, Canada, California and Italy.A blend of contemporary works from around the world.


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